The election of WHO Director-General

                                The election of WHO Director-General

                                April 2021 - May 2022

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                                The Director-General is the WHO’s chief technical and administrative officer.  

                                The appointment of the next WHO Director-General will take place at the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly in May 2022 (WHA75). 


                                Process and timelines

                                The election process began when Member States, through a circular letter sent by the WHO Secretariat in April, were invited to submit proposals for candidates for the Director-General position. Proposals can be submitted until mid-September 2021.

                                Information on candidates, including the curricula vitae and other particulars of their qualifications and experience as received from Member States, will be published following the closure of the last Regional Committee meeting of the year, shortly after 29 October 2021.

                                If there is more than one candidate, Member States and candidates will have the opportunity to interact in the context of the following mechanisms prior to the 150th session of the Executive Board (EB150) in January 2022:

                                • A password-protected web forum on the WHO website for questions and answers, open to all Member States and candidates.
                                • A candidates’ forum in November 2021 during which candidates will be interviewed and will respond to questions posed by Member States.

                                Proposals will be considered at EB150 when the nomination process will be carried out. Following an initial screening and the determination of a short list of five candidates, if needed, the Board will interview the candidates and vote to nominate up to three candidates by secret ballot. The names of nominated candidates will be submitted to WHA75.

                                If there is more than one candidate, a second candidates’ forum will be convened in March 2022, prior to WHA75 to allow for an interactive panel discussion between the candidates and Member States.

                                At WHA75, the World Health Assembly will appoint the next Director-General by secret ballot.

                                A Director-General can be re-elected once*. Therefore the incumbent Director-General is eligible to be proposed for a second term of five years.

                                Relevant documentation related to the election process is available here.


                                *In accordance with Rule 108 of the Rules of Procedure of the Health Assembly.